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At MT Music we’re all about creating exciting new music. Working alongside our  team of  writers and producers we can help you turn your lyrics and melody into a chart worthy single complete with full production. Writing and production sessions with our team allow singer-songwriters an opportunity to develop their skills while still bringing other influences into their tracks.


For singers who are not as confident at writing, our production team is able to write and produce bespoke tracks that fit your genre and fanbase. You provide a full brief and we’ll work to deliver a track ready for you to come into the studio and record your vocals on.


For international artists we are able to work in a similar way, you can record your vocals in a local studio and send the stems to our team for editing and placing into your final track.


Our network of  studios based across the US and Mexico allows you to spend more time recording and less time travelling.

Whether you want to record a full album of original tracks or just sing covers over a backing track we produce the work to the highest standard meaning that all you have to worry about is your vocals.

All our producers and recording team have years of experience working with a diverse range of artists and genres so they know how to get the best out of the most inexperienced of singers. Our recording sessions are an experience you’ll remember for years to come. 


Mastering is the final and most critical stage of creating a new track because it’s what everyone will hear. All of our tracks are mastered by an external engineer to ensure they are heard by a pair of ‘fresh ears’. Tracks are mastered quickly and a high quality WAV is emailed to you for approval.


Our mastering engineers use a range of mixing and mastering techniques, from analogue to digital depending on the projects requirements.

We’re also able to offer an external mixing service allowing you to receive more comprehensive mixing time for your tracks. This is especially important for chart eligible singles.

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